lozaga2Artist: Bon Lozaga
Album: Traces Of Chaos
Mixed and edited tracks: Controlled Chaos Schoular’s Bend
Additional editing on track: Traces Of My Time Here

Behold+A+Pale+Horse+album_cover_rgbArtist: Deliver Us From Evil
Album: Behold a Pale Horse
Co-produced, Recorded, edited, and mixed all tracks

1383265_664159000268777_1939841699_nArtist: On the Shoulders of Giants
Album: On the Shoulders of Giants
Co-produced, edited, and recorded all tracks.
Performed bass on all tracks

1381226316_black_mariah_-_doneArtist: Black Mariah
Album: Done and Dusted
Edited bass for Ryan Martinie on the song The Black Mariah