jonHey everyone, welcome to my website! I’ve been a bassist since the age of 14, and have also been a professionally trained audio engineer since 2001. On top of being a musician and audio engineer, I also have other professions and hobbies, my main one being a respiratory therapist. My specialty is in the neonatal field, and I currently work in a level III neonatal intensive care unit. I hold the RRT-NPS, RPFT, and C-NPT credentials, and am also certified in BLS, ACLS, NRP, and STABLE. I’m also becoming a DDP Yoga certified instructor, and along with being a comic book, video game, and vintage toy nerd, I’m a licensed falconer as well.

My main musical project is On the Shoulders of Giants, which was also co-produced and engineered along with my fellow Warwick artist Ryan Martinie. The project also includes guitarist Dean Murphy and vocalist Mike Keiper, as well as drumming from the mind of Matt McDonough, most known for his work with Mudvayne. It was recorded at my own recording studio, JYM Studios.

Thanks for visiting! For more information on how to contact me and check out my current/past endeavours, please check out the links below:


Custom Thumb 7 String Neck Thru
Rockbass Corvette Premium 5 String

Amp & Cab

LWA 1000
WCA 210